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What is a LEgacy Intern?

A Legacy Intern is whatever God calls them to be.  As a missionary sending agency Legacy Mission International wants to allow God to work through each person who answers the call in the way God is calling them to work.  While we will post specific positions to meet our current needs, Legacy is open to Interns who want to come serve in any capacity that helps fulfill our vision.

You can see our current openings posted HERE or if you have a different calling but feel like you want to serve under Legacy Mission International feel free to fill our our application linked above and indicate how you would like to serve with Legacy.

The internship application process is somewhat flexible in that each missionary has their own requirements for the positions they are attempting to fill.  Legacy Mission itself has a standard of expectations and requirements that must be met from all interns serving within the mission.  However, the process begins the same way for all Interns, an APPLICATION


We are seeking passionate, Christian English teachers that would be available to teach February-November 2019 at a Christian Bilingual school in Utila, Honduras.  

English Teachers

We are seeking someone that has a passion for photography and/or videography that could help highlight the ministry happening in Honduras to better relay this information to supporters in the states.

Media Intern

Several of our missionary families have children that are home schooled.  We are always seeking assistance from interns that would take joy in teaching our children certain subjects and/or oversee the completion of daily and weekly assignments.

Homeschool Teachers
Teacher and Young Student

Legacy Mission International is always open to hosting Interns with a passion to serve.  If you feel called, send in an application and let us see where you fit into the Legacy family.

Teacher and Young Student

Frequently asked questions

How long does an internship with Legacy last?

Legacy internships last from as little as a month to as long as a year. In some cases, internships will be offered yearly and an intern may choose to come back to serve with us on a yearly basis.

What are the steps to becoming a Legacy Intern

Each intern position is different but for the most part the process looks like this.

  1. Submit an application
  2. Internview with one or more Legacy missionaries to make sure it's the right fit for all.
  3. Approval followed by an orientation.
  4. Fundraising begins.
  5. Once you are close to fully funded preparations will be made for getting you in country.
  6. Arrival, getting settled and in country training as needed.
  7. Work begins.

How much does an internship cost

There are so many different types of Legacy interns that there is a huge difference in costs depending on why you are coming. For example, a homeschool intern might stay at a missionaries house and eat with the family therefore costs would be much lower whereas the English teachers have their own apartments and have to provide thier own food so their monthly budget would be much higher. The best bet would be to contact Legacy with the type of work you'd like to do during your internship and we can give you a pretty good idea up front what a monthly budget looks like. However, always remember God will always provide for those he calls to International missions.

What about insurance?

All Legacy Mission missionaries, interns, and team members are fully covered by accidental medical insurance as well as emergency medical evacuation insurance. The cost of this will be included in your montly budget.