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Legacy Teams

Join Legacy on a short-term mission trip and see first hand God's transformative power and love.  

  • What people group will we be working with?
    We will be working with 3 different people groups who have settled on the Bay Islands of Honduras. One is an indigenous people group called the Garifuna, referred to as “Islanders”. Another is a people group of British decent who speak an “Island English”. And another group are Honduran mainlanders who have moved and settled on the island.
  • Who are the Garifuna?
    Los "Garifuna" (/ɡəˈrɪfᵿnə/ gə-rif-uu-nə) Are mixed-race of descendants. The Garifuna are a mix of people from West Africa, Carib Islands, and Central Africa. Known by British colonial administrators in the early days as "Black Carib" and "Garifuna" so that they could be distinguished from "Red" or "Yellow" Caribs which were the original Amerindian population before intermixing with Africans. It is believed that the Black Carib or Garifuna are descendants of the Igneri people. The Igneri became residents of the Lesser Antilles, present day St. Vincent, Trinidad, and Dominica.
  • What is the weather like in May/June?
    The average temperature in Roatan in May is 84°F. The average maximum daytime temperature lies around (88°F).
  • What to wear?
    Casual clothing. Girls may wear modest shorts at fingertip length. One piece swimsuits only. Skirts are cool and Chaco type hiking sandals work well. Bring tennis shoes for sports camp.
  • What is the currency in Honduras?
    The currency is called Lempiras. The exchange rate varies each month. Currently, it is 24.46 Lps for every $1. But again, it changes each month, so be sure to ask us what it is when you come.
  • How will we get around once we are on the island?
    The missionary family will have transportation lined up to get from the airport to the Legacy Center. We will also take small boats to reach homes during house visits.
  • Will I be able to communicate? Do I need to speak Spanish?
    Spanish and “Island English” are spoken in Roatan. There will be translators for the mission team to utilize for communication when needed.
  • What is the Vision and Mission Work we will be partnering with while there?
    We have pioneered what we call a Legacy Center. A Legacy Center is a ministry center that seeks to build a strong community spiritually, academically, physically, and relationally. We are doing this through a day center for at risk children and youth, a medical clinic, a crisis center for women, and a church plant that also has multiple discipleship groups.
  • What are some ways that Short Term Teams partner and support the full time mission work with Legacy International and the Missionary Family?
    Teams will plug into our day center to work with children and youth and help us with community outreach events.
  • What type of food will we eat in Honduras?
    Honduras offers a variety of foods. One of the most popular meals is called comida típica. Típica is beans, eggs, fried plantains, avocado, mantequilla (a cross between sour cream and butter), and a white cheese. Another popular dish is baleadas. Baleadeas are flour tortillas, beans, mantequilla, and cheese.
  • What airport do mission teams fly to?
    Juan Manuel Gálvez International Airport (in Coxen Hole, Roatan)
  • Is there running water, electricity, and wifi in Roatan?
    Yes!!! Occasionally there are electricity outages, but for the majority of the time there is electricity. There is running water in Roatan, but it is not recommended that visitors drink the water. Mission teams will be able to purchase bottled water. At the Mission Team Home, there is purified water, which can be used to fill up empty water bottles. There are locations to get a Wi-Fi connection, however the connection is not always fast and when lots of people are using it, it may be unreliable.
  • Can we get medicine if we get sick?
    Yes! There are a number of pharmacies in Roatan. We also have several contacts in Roatan who can help obtain medication that requires a prescription. It is recommended that you bring any prescription medicine that you currently take in their original bottle.
  • What vaccines do we need before coming to Honduras?
    Each mission team should visit the CDC website to get the most up to date information on vaccines. Many mission teams travel to this area WITHOUT the recommended malaria, yellow fever and typhoid shots. (per the missionary) (Additionally, my family has spent time on the island many times and we do not have the previous mentioned vaccinations. )
  • Where will we be staying in Roatan?
    There is a Mission team house and meals are prepared there. The team house is located upstairs of the Legacy Center. Therefore, it is convenient to be in the middle of ministries happening around us. There are separate bunkrooms for males and females.
  • What type of medical care is available in Roatan?
    There is a public hospital and several private clinics in Roatan. The public hospital is not recommended except for emergencies. There are also a number of Honduran doctors who are happy to assist people in their clinics.
  • Do I need converters for my electronics?
    No. All the electrical outlets are standard outlets.
  • Who are the chaperones/team leaders on the trip?
    If needed, this will be determined by your team captain.
  • Should we let the US Embassy know we are in Honduras?
    Effective July 15, 2004, the State Department has established a Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). For more information visit the US Embassy website for Honduras.
  • Can we give gifts?
    As a general rule, we ask that groups always talk with the missionaries before handing out any type of gift to the Islanders. Small gifts such as candy, Bibles, and spiritual guides are almost always ok. Please know we are not against being generous to the Islanders; however, with every gift, a precedent is set for mission teams that follow. Gifts such as money, clothes, and other material items should always be discussed with the missionaries before given.
  • What should I bring?
    Clothes: • Jeans, shorts, capris, maxi skirts • T-shirts, light jacket, rain jacket • Tennis shoes, flip flops • One piece Swimsuit (for free day) • Hat, sunglasses Personal/Medicine: • Soap, shampoo/conditioner • Toothbrush, toothpaste • Prescription medication • Anti-diarrheal & Dramamine • Toilet paper/ feminine products • Hand Sanitizer/ wet wipes Additional Items: • Flashlight • Camera • Insect repellant • Sunscreen • Water bottle
  • What is the first step in bringing a team with Legacy Mission?
    If you are reading this then the first step is actually already completed and you've contacted us about bringing a team. Now that you have access to the Team Captain's Portal you have access to all the information you need to successfully bring a team to serve with us at Legacy Mission. We would recommend that you start by reading through all of the questions in this FAQ. It will give you a quick overview of all the steps necessary. Once you have a good idea you can dive deeper by reading through the Team Captain's Manual linked above.
  • How do we pick a date?
    Each Legacy Mission Team is under the care of one of our Legacy Missionaries from the first steps of planning until you arrive safely home. As such, you will work directly with your missionary to choose the date that works best for your team and their ministries. Most of our teams choose a Saturday to Saturday schedule but we are flexible on dates as we know one of the biggest expenses is airfare and sometimes Sat to Sat is not the cheapest option. You may review the calendar linked above to see available dates. If the dates you want already have a team scheduled feel free to contact your missionary to see if we can handle two teams that week. However, if your missionary already has a team that week you will have to choose a different week.
  • How much does it cost to bring a team with Legacy Mission?
    The cost for each team is slightly different but we've tried our best to make these costs as transparent as possible. There are 3 areas of expense on each team. Team Fee (per team member) - For 2019 team fees range from $620-$700 depending on area of service and type of team. The team fee covers food, lodging, translators, transportation in country, and misc. costs. The missionary in charge of your team will give you the team fee price after discussing your plans. Ministry Expense - This will depend on what your team chooses to do while in country. We provide each team with a list of different ministry projects and ideas that we currently have a need for and each team can choose the projects that meet their budgets for ministry while in country. Some ideas have little to no cost (like hosting a VBS) while others have a high cost (like building a new school room). Airline Tickets - This one we cannot control at all and will depend on many variables. We have a partnership with High Point travel to help provide you a few different options but you are welcome to book your own travel. These 3 areas cover all costs with the exception of spending money to purchase souvenirs, gifts you may want to give, donations to churches or pastors, etc. which are all voluntary expenses.
  • What type of insurance coverage is provided?
    Legacy Mission takes our team member's saftey and security very seriously. We have patnered with to offer you two different plans for insurance. Once you have your team roster complete you will need to purchase one of the two options and send that information to Legacy. We hope to never have to use this insurance but we want the best coverage possible should the need arrise.
  • What documents are required from each team member?
    The first document required is our team member application. From there, each team member must print and sign the following documents. These documents may then be scanned and emailed to the missionary in charge of your team. Medical Wavier Form Emergency Medical Form Parental Consent Form (if travelling with a minor) Personal Conduct Form Statement of Faith Each Team Member must also provide a copy of Passport (photo page showing expiration date)
  • What documents are required for the team as a whole?
    There are just a few documents we require from the team captains and we will assist you in the preparation of these documents. Team Planning Form Project Planning Forms (if projects have been selected) Team Member List along with airline flight information once tickets have been purchased.
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