What we do

Living in a third world country, the needs can become overwhelming.  Poverty is ever present, hunger a reality, and jobs scarce.  Through years of experience, we have discovered that the BEST way to help meet these needs in a transformative way is by providing education and training.


We believe that learning a trade or advancing in academics will break the cycle of poverty!  As an organization, we seek to empower boys, girls, men, and women to continue learning so that they can improve their quality of life for themselves and their families. 


We have also discovered that by helping others improve themselves, relationships can be built and this becomes a wonderful platform for sharing the Gospel.  Help us be a part of a LONGTERM solution!

Currently have missionaries/teachers serving in two primary schools UMCC in Utila and Jubliee in Tegucigalpa.  


Legacy Missionaries/Teachers working within Schools:

Brooke Pizatti, Hayley Wilson, Kerri & Juan Carlos Pastrana, Ben & Nely Fortney, Christi Boronow, Ken & Kirsten Nelson, and Rachel Shive

Support Education

As with each ministry or project of Legacy Mission International, we are only able to succeed with your support both through prayers and financial gifts.  Your prayerful consideration to financially partner with us to share hope through education is greatly appreciated.

Donate Now

Ways your donation helps


$25 per month: Provides transportation and school supplies for one young man in high school or college.

$50 per month: Helps provide food and personal hygiene items for one young man.

$100 per month: Provides housing for one young man.

$250 per month: Fully sponsors a new young man in the Journey House Program.

All monthly or one time donations are appreciated.