Juan Carlos & Keri PasTrana

Missionary Candidate

Juan Carlos and Keri met and married in Honduras.  They have one child, Elliot.  


Keri is from Michigan originally, but has lived in South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Florida before moving to Honduras 4 years ago. Juan Carlos is from a village about an hour outside of Tegucigalpa. At the age of 9 he was given a sponsorship through Compassion International. Because of Compassion and the scholarships he received, Juan Carlos was able to graduate from university, and now can help so many who are in similar situations.


Juan Carlos has a background in computer science. He has worked various jobs in that field and has taught computer classes. Education is something that both Keri and Juan Carlos are passionate about. Keri has been teaching in Honduras for the past 4 years. The Pastranas are serving through the areas of education, foster care, discipleship, and children/youth ministry. They have a heart for the people of Honduras and desire to see them reach their full potential to be a light in their communities and our world.

“‘I have made you a light for the Gentiles,
 that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.’”

Acts 13:47