Legacy partnerships

Our goal at Legacy Mission International is to empower locals through partnerships where Legacy Missionaries come along side of nationals or existing organizations to help them develop strategic plans for improving leadership, processes, and overall effectiveness of their ministries.  Many times these become three way partnerships where we link resources and expertise from one organization or church to an organization or church in need of those resources.

If your church or organization has areas of expertise or resources that you feel would benefit others let us help you partner with an organization in need.  Our partnerships begin with a rigorous vetting process to ensure there is accountability, transparency, and buy in from the entire organization.  Being passionate and being effective are sometimes worlds apart.  At Legacy we hope to bring those two worlds together for His Glory.

When the Kingdom grows we all celebrate.

Click the image on to Donate and help Legacy support the Utila Methodist Community College, a bi-lingual high school in Utila.  We are currently raising funds to help with scholarships, renovations, and new construction as we strive to build a legacy that will last an eternity with the young people of Utila.


Click the image to donate and help Legacy as we partner with the medical clinic of Utila.  The Utila Medical Clinic is the only clinic located on the island of Utila and serves the entire community offering free or reduced prices for those in need.

Legacy is working to with Utila Medical clinic to help improve the care offered to those most in need.


The Trimble Strong foundation exists for the purpose of transforming people from their current position spiritually, emotionally, physically, professionally and financially. We simply want to bring faith, hope and love into the lives of all the people that we interact with. No matter where they are in their journey, and regardless of how they interact with our organization, we want people to be better off for having done so.

Trimble Strong Foundation