Legacy El Pino Property


The property at El Pino belongs to the United Methodist Church of the Caribbean and the Americas (UMCC).

Legacy has a 10 year lease on the property (minus the church building) in a partnership to benefit the community of El Pino and glorify God.

The property sits on approximately 15 acres and includes the church, a two story building housing the fellowship hall and parsonage, a medical clinic, a library, 3 apartments, a small house, and the remains of a small school that burned down.  In addition, there is a soccer field, a basketball court and a farm.

The entire property is in disrepair after years of neglect and theft.  The most pressing issues facing the property are poor security and poor electricity.  Most of the metal fencing was stolen and the electrical wiring is corroded and in need of replacement.

Current and Future needs

  • $2500 to repair and finish the fence around the property

  • $3000 to replace the electrical wiring from the meters to the buildings as well as some internal wiring.

  • $3500 to renovate the clinic into an after school and childcare center.

  • $2000 to renovate the fellowship hall (specifically the purchase of new appliances) to improve our feeding program.

  • Renovation of the parsonage ($6000)

  • Improve the sports fields ($1000)

  • New storage facility for our family services ($1500)

  • Improvements to the farm to help with our feeding program

To support our property renovation please designate your donation to the El Pino Construction purpose with a note on which project your would like to fund.