Youth Camps





Current needs

  • $25 one time donation will pay for a youth to attend a 3 day camp.

  • We are looking for a church to help us with a "kitchen drive".  We need plasitc plates and cups along with silverware for at least 50.

  • We are also looking for any travel sized hygiene items you may have collected from hotel stays.

The association of churches on the north coast of Honduras and the bay islands has tried to host youth camps for several years but have not been successful due to lack of resources.

Legacy hopes to begin hosting camps later this year to encourage the youth of Honduras to see a closer relationship with Christ.

future plans

  • Conferences for pastors in the area

  • Retreats for missionaries and lay ministers

  • Sports camps

Please mark donations for the Legacy El Pino purpose with a note that it is for "youth camps".

If your church would like to help with a drive please contact