Legacy BOat Project

Through our partnership with the Utila Medical Clinic, Legacy has learned of a desperate need to provide emergency medical evacuations from the island to the nearest mainland hospital in La Ceiba.  Currently, islanders have to contract with boats on Utila at a rate of up to $900 for an emergency trip to the mainland, putting emergency evacuations out of reach for many of the poor living there.  

In perfect conditions, flights can provide these evacuations but again these are expensive trips that put a major burden on the poor families who live on the island and the landing strip has no lighting so night flights are unavailable.

In addition, the boat will serve to transport supplies and people from La Ceiba to all of the Bay Islands as Legacy has need.  Our growing mission will be serving several of the Bay Islands as well as villages along the North Coast of Honduras that are sometimes inaccesible by car.  The boat will become an invaluable part of our long-term vision for serving the people of the North Coast of Honduras.

We are raising $25,000 to cover the purchase, repair, delivery, and operating costs for 2019.  

Help us pursue this dream by donating directly to our boat project.  

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